It Could Be a Snowy Saturday Please Remember to Clear a Path

thermo.pngDaily low temperatures are expected to drop into the 20s and 30s this week, which could turn Saturday’s precipitation from rain to snow, or at least a wintry mix that could freeze on the ground overnight. With that in mind, please remember to clear a path to your fuel tank or fill pipe. This will help our delivery drivers get to your home quickly and safely. On the topic of safety, be sure to exercise caution when you’re out there shoveling or salting and keep the following wintertime safety tips in mind.

  1. In case of extreme winter conditions, remember to clear any outdoor vents of snow and ice. This will ensure your heating system continues circulating air, keeping your home warm and safe.
  2. If your heating system shuts down afterhours, try to restart it before calling. You can do this by pressing the reset button by the steps to your basement or on the heating system itself. Press it only once. If this doesn’t work, give us a call at 718-353-7000 or 516-227-3700 anytime 24/7. If it does work, call during regular business hours and let us know what happened so we can make a note in our service records. Also, remember, the easiest way to avoid heating system shutdowns is to schedule an annual tune-up.
  3. Remember the NYC heating code. From 6AM-10PM, if the outdoor temperature is below 55ºF then the indoor temperature must be at least 68ºF. From 10PM-6AM, the indoor temperature must always be at least 62ºF regardless of the outdoor temperature. This is required-by-law for all multifamily residential buildings and also recommended-best-practice for all homeowners. It’s especially important for the safety of infants and elders, so please keep an eye on your thermostat if you have a newborn or grandparents at home with you.

From the Skaggs-Walsh family to yours, have a safe, warm and enjoyable weekend