Happy Holidays
from Skaggs-Walsh

The Skaggs-Walsh family would like to wish you and your family a safe and Happy Holiday. Our family has been serving our fellow New Yorkers through 86 holiday seasons, and it’s our pleasure to keep your home warm and cozy during this time and all throughout the year. With that in mind, here are a couple special reminders that can help ensure a smooth and safe holiday season.

  1. If you are having guests over for an extended stay, please let us know. Holiday guests can increase a home’s heating demands. This sometimes requires us to adjust our delivery schedule to accommodate the added fuel usage. So, if you are expecting to host relatives for a long stay, please call or contact us today to let us know.
  2. Don’t forget: Skaggs-Walsh offers 24/7 emergency service. In case of a fuel runout or heating system shutdown, emergency services are available for all Skaggs-Walsh service customers. If you experience a no-heat emergency, call us directly at 718-353-7000 or 516-227-3700 and we will assist you right away.

Once again, from the Skaggs-Walsh family to yours,
please enjoy a safe, warm and Happy Holiday!