At Skaggs-Walsh we do much more than keep New York City and Nassau County families warm with our B20 Bioheat® fuel, perform boiler inspectionsinstall heating equipment, offer 24-hour emergency service, conduct annual heating system tune-ups, handle plumbing, clean up and replace oil tanks, and even offer FREE safety inspections. We’re a full-service company that really does do it all. Browse this page to learn more about our services, and be sure to contact Skaggs-Walsh for all your home comfort needs.


A Full-Service Home Comfort Company Serving NYC and Nassau County

familyHouse.jpg(It's Something You Won't Get from a Discount Company)

The local newspapers and shoppers' guides are full of ads from discount fuel companies offering "low, low oil prices" that might make you wonder, "Hmmm ... should I switch dealers?" Though it may look tempting, our firm answer is "DON'T!" — and here's why: 

Skaggs-Walsh's FULL SERVICE commitment to you — whether it's around-the-clock emergency service, budget plans or expert installations and repairs — means greater value for your money.

Plus, there's another reason not to switch to a discount company: Skaggs-Walsh knows you best. As our valued customer, we already know your heating system and fuel usage. In addition, you can depend on our dedication to helping you at any time. 


Some differences between a discount oil dealer and Skaggs-Walsh:

Discount Dealer Skaggs-Walsh
May contract with outsiders for equipment maintenance and repairs We do all our work using our own expert technicians
May run out of fuel We will NOT run out of fuel
May not offer 24-hour emergency service We offer 24-hour emergency service
You may talk to an answering machine We always have a live operator standing by
May not be insured We are fully licensed and insured
May only offer oil deliveries We offer FULL SERVICE