The Best Choice for Fuel Delivery!

Posted by admin on 2019-03-27 16:10:00

When it comes to Bioheat® fuel delivery from Skaggs-Walsh, our automatic delivery service provides customers with a hands-off style of approach. On top of that, there are other benefits that our customers enjoy with automatic delivery, such as:

  • Deliveries made when they’re needed, based on our estimates, weather conditions, and fuel usage history
  • No need to check the fuel levels in your tank or call to schedule your fuel deliveries. Also, there’s no need to be home waiting for a delivery!
  • Assurance that you won’t run out of fuel, because you’ve got Skaggs-Walsh looking out for you!
  • Peace of mind knowing that we always have fuel on hand, thanks to our 400,000 gallon independent storage facility – you won’t run out, because we won’t run out!

When you choose Skaggs-Walsh for your fuel delivery needs, it’s the right choice to make! If you’re interested in enrolling in our automatic delivery, or would like to learn more about our Bioheat fuel, feel free to call or contact us online today!