Heating Equipment Installation

As a full-service Bioheat® fuel dealer, Skaggs-Walsh is prepared to handle all your equipment needs. We install new heating systems and components from the best manufacturers in the industry—and we do the job right.

We are fortunate to employ a team of expert installers who have spent countless hours training on the latest and best in heating equipment. They understand all the nuances, and they install equipment in accordance with the manufacturers' specifications — which is critical to achieve optimal efficiency.


Upgrade and Save

Upgrading your heating system saves energy and money! If you can reduce your consumption by one—third—which is possible for many owners of older boilers and furnaces—that's like knocking $1.50 off the price of every gallon. And some upgrades are even more effective—saving 40 percent or more!

If you upgrade before the next heating season, you'll recoup your investment in just a few years. After that, the savings will continue year after year - and your home's value will be higher. That's sound economic policy!


Small Steps Can Also Yield Big Savings

A full system upgrade is the best choice for many properties, but in some instances great savings can be achieved with small steps. One inexpensive move that can save you hundreds of dollars a year is installing a new digital programmable thermostat. This modern control allows you to put your heating system on a schedule so that it warms the house when you or your family are up and about and lowers the temperature when you're asleep or the house is empty. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) says that reducing a home's temperature by 5 to 15 degrees for eight hours a day can reduce fuel consumption by 5 to 10 percent a year. A programmable thermostat can also manage a central air conditioning system.

You can also put your boiler or furnace on a conservation plan with an advanced burner control. The right control can reduce fuel consumption by 10 percent or more by improving the performance match between your heating system and your home. These controls use microprocessor technology to reduce fuel consumption, electricity usage and emissions — all while reducing wear and tear on the system!