Why Electric Heating Is No Good for NY

47638746-utility-meter-electric.pngLast month’s polar vortex brought extreme cold to all parts of the country, including — as you might have seen and heard — Texas. Over 4 million Texans lost power as a result, and more than 30 people in the state lost their lives. The tragedy has raised questions about just what wrong with the state’s electrical grid and whether or not the same thing can happen in other places, like New York.

Let’s take a closer look…

Why Texas?

Investigations are still ongoing, but it seems likely that the state’s over-dependence on electric heating may have played a part in what happened. Over 6 million Texas homes — about 60% of all homes in the state — are heated by electricity. When virtually all of them turn their heat up at once, this causes big problems for the grid. Making matters worse, the state’s grid is powered by just a few energy sources. If they run out, homes go dark and the heat goes off.

Can It Happen Here Now?

For now, it is unlikely that an energy crisis like this could happen in New York. That’s because our state has a more diverse electricity grid as well as more homes, like yours, that use Bioheat® fuel. In addition to heating your home reliably all fall and winter, this lower-carbon fuel can provide power for our state’s electrical grid when other energy sources are drained. Plus, because Skaggs-Walsh has an independent fuel supply, our customers do not compete with power plants for fuel. We have you covered 24/7/365.

Could It Happen Later On?

article.jpgShort answer: yes. If more homes across the state switch to electric heat pumps, it could threaten the electrical supply. But even without power outages, some New Yorkers who converted to heat pumps are now realizing it was a bad move. For example, one Long Island homeowner paid over $27,000 for an electric heat pump thinking it would lower his energy costs — now he is more than $3,700 behind on his electricity bills and has switched back to Bioheat® fuel. (Read more on that here and here.) That's just one more reason to stick with Bioheat fuel!

How Did We Do this Winter?

As your local heating fuel supplier, we want to do everything in our power to keep you safe and comfortable all year-long, and we are always looking to improve. So, if we helped you out this winter, or if we could have done something better, we want to hear from you. Click here to let us know how we did.


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