It’s Time To Schedule Your Annual Heating Tune-Up

As your neighborhood’s full-service home comfort provider, Skaggs-Walsh would like to remind you that the best time for your heating system’s annual tune-up is right now, in the spring.


"Why now?"

Our annual tune-up is designed to catch minor heating equipment issues before they turn into expensive repairs. Delaying system maintenance could make a problem worse, which could lead to an untimely heating outage when you need your boiler or furnace most.

"What are the benefits of a tune-up?"

  • Helps to prevent heating outages and expensive repairs
  • Extends the life of your heating equipment
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Can lower your heating bills up to 10%
  • Helps ensure your safety
  • Your boiler or furnace will be ready when you need it most
  • FREE for Skaggs-Walsh service plan members

"How do I schedule my annual tune-up?"

Click here to schedule your tune-up online or just give us a call at 718-353-7000.