Don't Put Off Getting a New Air Conditioning System Any Longer!

131bbd700c8dfbb204a6068470f43a5a.pngNow that temperatures are hitting 80° and above, are you finding your air conditioning system isn’t up to the task?

There is no need to sweat it out through another steamy summer – call us today to schedule a FREE in-home, ZERO CONTACT estimate on a Fujitsu Mini-Split air conditioner.

  • Fujitsu's clean air purification system will kill 99% of viruses and bacteria in your home
  • Room-by-room temperature controls keep everyone comfortable and happy!
  • Fits in every home - no ductwork needed
  • Financing available
  • First responder discounts - our way to say thank you to local heroes
  • Reverses to heat your home when temperatures drop

Don’t wait to enjoy energy efficient air conditioning. Call us at (718) 353-7000 or visit skaggswalsh.com to schedule your appointment today!