How Skaggs-Walsh Helps


We are dedicated to a net zero future and focus on changes we can make in front of us today. A future generated by solar and wind power may be possible in the future, but we at Skaggs-Walsh will supply the clean energy and lower carbon solutions that can help today.

Skaggs-Walsh offers you the cleaner heating solutions to improve your home’s efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint, including Bioheat® fuel and heating equipment upgrades that will reduce your fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Alternatives to Electrification

Skaggs-Walsh is proud to supply you with the solution to a net-zero carbon future with Bioheat® Fuel.

Bioheat® is a fuel that is made from renewable resources that reduces carbon emissions the moment you begin using it. A National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) study showed that combining solar power and Bioheat® fuel could effectively provide net-zero carbon heating.

Skaggs-Walsh delivers B20 Bioheat® fuel to all of our customers, which contains 20% renewable biodiesel and can immediately reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by about 14.5%. We promise to continue increasing the blend of our Bioheat® fuel as it becomes available and applicable to further reduce carbon emissions in the environment. It won't be long before B100 Bioheat® fuel becomes the standard used in home heating systems, and our Skaggs-Walsh trucks will first be in line when it does!

The future of renewable fuel starts today, and we’re here to help make it possible. You don’t have to work hard or worry to reduce your carbon footprint: our Bioheat® fuel and renewable propane work in the heating systems you already have.

Avoid becoming just another number at the electric utilities, and continue to rely on Skaggs-Walsh for your local home comfort.

Call us at 718-353-7000 or contact us regarding any questions about our eco-friendly heating options today!