Before we Electrify Everything, let's Talk About it

Posted by admin on 2023-02-15 09:00:00

"Electrify everything" has become the go-to catchphrase for politicians and activists to use in response to the growing climate crisis. What is not often discussed is what would happen if we "electrify everything" or what it would cost financially and environmentally to create the infrastructure to rely on electricity for all our energy needs.


Skaggs-Walsh has never wavered in our commitment to fighting climate change, but we believe there's a better way. Our Bioheat® fuel offers immediate financial, environmental, and overall comfort benefits and doesn’t require you to change your home heating system.


What they don't tell you about "electrify everything"


  • Expensive Installations: The average cost for installing electric heat pumps can range from $18 thousand all the way up to $40 thousand or more for larger homes.
  • Lack of infrastructure: Electrical grids can't handle current demand, which is why there are brown-outs and requests to reduce energy use during periods of high demand, let alone produce and distribute enough power to meet needs under "electrify everything."
  • Toxic power plant emissions: Despite what you may think, only a small portion of electrical power comes from renewable energy. Most power plants still generate energy from coal or gas, making them the country's biggest producer of greenhouse gases. U.S. power plants use over 500 million tons of coal per year and create between 1.6 and 2 billion tons of carbon dioxide annually.

At Skaggs-Walsh, we understand the problem regarding climate change is more complicated than simply electrifying everything. That is why we take pride in delivering all our customers clean, renewable B20 Bioheat® fuel.

Bioheat® fuel is created by blending renewable biodiesel, made from used cooking oils, rendered animal fats and vegetable oils, with ultra-low sulfur heating oil. Skaggs-Walsh B20 Bioheat® fuel contains 20% renewable biodiesel and immediately reduces your greenhouse gas emissions by about 14.5%. Additionally, this renewable fuel can be used in your existing oil-fueled heating system. No expensive equipment upgrades are required! It's our promise at Skaggs-Walsh to continue increasing the blend of our Bioheat® fuel to deliver the cleanest and most environmentally friendly fuel available.

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 directly includes Bioheat® fuel as part of the solution to our nation's climate goals of net-zero carbon. It provides tax incentives for homeowners who upgrade their heating systems to energy-efficient Bioheat® fuel furnaces and boilers. Our customers can also claim an Upgrade & Save Tax Rebate from the state of New York, $500 for replacing an outdated boiler or furnace, and $300 for a new aboveground storage tank for a potential rebate of $800. Additionally, all Skaggs-Walsh customers can claim the maximum New York State Clean Heating Fuel Tax Credit and save up to 20 cents for every gallon of Bioheat® fuel purchased.

Skaggs-Walsh is always here to answer any of your questions or concerns. Please call us at 718-353-7000, or contact us here, to send us your inquiries or request a service.