Simplify Your Heating Payments by Enrolling in Our Budget Plan!

Posted by admin on 2024-06-17 10:00:00

During the winter, the majority of your Bioheat® fuel payments come in a 3- or 4-month window. This can lead to a budget squeeze during the holidays and make it difficult to predict how much you will be paying for Bioheat® fuel from one month to the next. A budget plan from Skaggs-Walsh takes all the guesswork out of your heating payments by calculating your costs for the year and dividing them equally over 11 months!


We understand the volatile nature of heating oil prices and do everything we can to help our customers manage their monthly heating costs better.


Benefits of a budget plan include:


  • Predictable Payments: Instead of dealing with hefty heating oil bills during the winter, you can receive the same, lower monthly payment for your heating oil. This allows you to seamlessly include your heating payments for the year into your budget.


  • Per-gallon discount: One way we encourage our customers to enroll in a budget is by offering a per-gallon discount for anyone who participates in the program. You can save money and receive the same payment every month; it’s a win-win!


  • Peace of mind: You don’t have to stress about how much heating oil you are using during the winter or receiving two deliveries in the same month. You have the same payment for your heating oil, no matter what!


Take control of your heating costs this winter by enrolling in a budget plan with Skaggs-Walsh! If you’d like to learn more about the program or enroll, call us at 718-353-7000 or contact us here!