Keep an Eye out for Our Budget Plan

Posted by admin on 2018-06-22 16:01:00

It happens every year, and each heating season your bank account takes a hit just in time for the holidays. This past winter was a particularly strange one that probably resulted in you paying more than usual on heating oil deliveries. While we may not be able to help avoid unpredictably cold weather, we can make those heating bills much more manageable with our budget program! Here’s how it works, starting with the problem...

Okay, here’s the situation:

On average, approximately three months out of the year has you spending the most on heating oil deliveries. This is a very short time frame to spend a lot of money almost all at once, and what’s worse is it typically overlaps the holiday season – talk about a budget squeeze!

Consider this…

The other remaining months you’re less inclined to worry about heating bills. But, what if you were able to slowly chip away at the mountain of heating oil delivery bills during those months? Your payments would be smaller and more manageable – even at the height of heating season!

Can it be done?

In short: YES!

Skaggs-Walsh’s budget program does just that – we break down your annual heating fuel costs into 11 even monthly payments. Each bill remains the same, so you know what you’re paying and how much to set aside for that month. Best of all, when the heating season rolls back our way, those payments don’t increase!

This month, as we do every year, we’ll be sending out a mailing about our budget program containing further information, including how to enroll! If you haven’t received your mailing yet, or don’t want to wait to enroll, you can contact us online or call us directly.