Stay Clean and Green with Automatic Delivery!

Posted by admin on 2023-08-29 15:14:00

Tired of checking your oil gauge and scheduling deliveries? When you enroll in automatic delivery with Skaggs-Walsh, we do everything for you!

We’re a family-owned, full-service comfort company proudly serving New York City, Southern Westchester and Nassau County since 1933. We value our customers, that’s why we make it easy for you to receive fuel with our automatic delivery service.

Our advanced software system calculates your anticipated usage and schedules your fuel deliveries. You gain peace of mind knowing that you’ll receive the clean, ecofriendly, renewable energy source Bioheat® fuel, with no stress to you!

The statewide standard of Bioheat® fuel blends 5% biodiesel. At Skaggs-Walsh, we’re ahead of the industry, delivering B20 Bioheat® fuel which contains 20% biodiesel. Our Bioheat® fuel contains virtually no sulfur, has significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), and reduces sulfur oxide emissions by as much as 80%.

Benefits of Automatic Delivery with Skaggs-Walsh:

1.      You never have to monitor oil supply, check oil gauge or schedule a delivery

2.      You get dependable and highly trained delivery drivers

3.      Peace of Mind!

At Skaggs-Walsh, we have independent storage along with 27 service trucks. With our consistent supply of top-of -the-line Bioheat® fuel and highly trained drivers, you never have to worry about not receiving your delivery on time.

Embrace the comfort and convenience that our automatic delivery service will bring you. Be sure to call or contact us to enroll today! We look forward to helping you have a stress-free and enjoyable year!

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