No Adventure, No Mystery, No Suspense: Why You Can Count on Skaggs-Walsh for Automatic Delivery

Posted by admin on 2017-12-15 15:55:00

Some things you can predict, like the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, and that as an automatic delivery customer with Skaggs-Walsh, your B20 Bioheat® fuel will be delivered to you before you even know you need it. There’s no adventure, no mystery and no suspense: just predictable deliveries. Speaking of no, there’s:

  • No checking your tank gauge
  • No running out of fuel
  • No scheduling deliveries
  • No waiting for your fuel to arrive
  • No additional cost! Automatic delivery is free. All you need to do is let us know you want it.

No Guessing Games

We analyze your past fuel usage and use sophisticated software that incorporates “degree day” technology to calculate when you’ll need fuel and schedule deliveries for you. Degree days compare the average temperature in your location to a standard temperature of 65°F. Generally, the more extreme the temperatures, the higher the number of degree days, and the more frequently you’ll need fuel deliveries. By monitoring degree day data, we adjust your delivery schedule so you always have the fuel you need.

No Worries

If you’ve made any changes in your home, such as a new addition to the family or a new room, let us know, as it can increase your usage. We’ll modify our calculations so everyone under your roof stays warm and comfortable.

Enroll Today

Make your fuel deliveries as predictable as can be. Just contact Skaggs-Walsh today to enroll in automatic delivery.