Keep Your Water Clean

Posted by admin on 2018-02-05 15:56:00

Clean drinking water – we all want it and most of us take it for granted that we have it. Fact is, in every home there is an underlying threat of water contamination, known as backflow. Backflow is what happens when water pipes and plumbing fixtures allow contaminated water to enter drinking water, which can lead to serious health hazards. When it comes to the health and safety of your drinking water, Skaggs-Walsh can help ensure your water will stay contamination-free.

Backflow can occur wherever there is change in pressure and a cross-connection, or a connection between a safe drinking water supply and possible source of contamination, such as your kitchen dishwasher, bathroom toilets, outdoor faucets or swimming pool. The key to preventing backflow is not allowing contaminated wastewater to flow back (hence the name) through the pipes to the clean water supply.

In order to protect your water supply, Skaggs-Walsh sells and installs backflow valves where potential cross-connections exist. This can help keep your family’s health protected by preventing water contaminated with chemicals or other harmful pollutants from making its way into your drinking water.

Skaggs-Walsh’s expert plumbers also offer backflow prevention testing, to further ensure that your water supply stays safe. And, we’ll make the necessary repairs as needed! To order your backflow valve installation, or schedule a backflow protection test, contact us today!