How Many Mini-Splits Do I Need?

Posted by admin on 2024-04-26 12:09:00

One HVAC system question asked often is, “How many mini-splits do I need?”

Like many HVAC systems, it depends. Factors like square footage and layout can determine the ideal number of mini-split units for proper heating and cooling.

Skaggs-Walsh will walk you through considerations to determine how many mini-splits you may need for the best arrangement to meet your needs.

Why It’s Important to Plan Before Installing a Mini-Split System
Mini-splits offer many advantages, like flexibility in zoning, money savings compared to inefficient systems, non-invasive installation, and high energy efficiency.

But if you don’t plan your mini-split system appropriately, it can affect the system performance and comfort of the space.

To figure this out, there are considerations to make.

Factors Affecting the Number of Mini-Splits for Your Home
Typically, a mini-split system consists of one outdoor unit (condenser) that connects up to 8 indoor units (air handlers) inside the house. Each indoor unit has its own thermostat to control the room’s temperature as desired. That may be enough in most cases, but there are many variables affecting the number of mini-split components you may need.

Number of zones
Assess the layout and size of the space, identifying any unique areas that require individual climate control. If you have more than 8 rooms or zones, you may need additional multi-zone systems or mini-splits to efficiently heat or cool your home.

Number of rooms
Can a single mini-split heat or cool your whole house? Yes! But it can depend on the number of rooms in your house. The larger the home and number of rooms, the more robust the heating and air conditioning system will need to be to heat or cool your home as desired.

Consider how many rooms there are now, but also plan for the future — if you are considering additions such as extensions or new rooms somewhere down the line, it could be more cost effective to have a larger system now, rather than needed to upgrade later.

Room types
The type of room you need to heat or cool is essential to consider. Rooms with more open space or small rooms like half-baths or hallways may need fewer to no indoor units while very large rooms or those with high ceilings might require multiple air handlers to keep up with your desired temperature.

The capacity of the mini-split directly affects the system’s capability of heating and cooling the space. The correct number of BTUs (British Thermal Units) is critical in determining the size of the unit. If the BTUs are too low, the system can’t keep up, but too many BTUs are wasteful in money and energy.

Our professional technicians at Skaggs-Walsh can accurately calculate the heating and cooling capacity necessary for optimal comfort and performance.

It’s important to know that mini-split brands aren’t interchangeable. Manufacturers-designed mini-splits use a proprietary system protocol that doesn’t allow systems to communicate with each other.

With Skaggs-Walsh, you don’t have to worry about this at all! Our certified technicians make all the necessary considerations when personalizing your home mini-split setup.

Mini-split system installation and guidance
Avoid potential costly issues or higher energy bills by taking the guesswork out. Our certified heating and cooling professionals have the mini-split expertise to plan and install for maximum efficiency and total comfort.

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