15 Percent Ahead of the Bioheat® Game

Posted by admin on 2017-08-18 15:27:00

If you thought all heating fuel was created equal, think again! Skaggs-Walsh delivers premium Bioheat® fuel that’s a step above the others, helping customers reduce emissions and maintain clean heating equipment while supporting the United States' growing alternative energy industry. 

Our fuel is a B20 blend of heating oil (80 percent) and biodiesel (20 percent). It’s safer, cleaner, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and promotes better air quality. Plus, Bioheat is produced right here in the U.S.

Legislation currently sits on the governor’s desk that will require all heating oil in Nassau and Suffolk counties to contain a minimum of 5 percent biodiesel (B5) as of July 1, 2018, and NYC’s own B5 standard will go into effect in October of this year, but Skaggs-Walsh is already 15 percent ahead of other dealers in the New York area — as our B20 Bioheat fuel contains 15 percent more biofuel!

Besides putting us in better standings with the environment, our B20 Bioheat fuel:

  • Incorporates Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil, which contains 99 percent less sulfur than conventional heating oil, and helps improve efficiency, lower maintenance requirements and reduce particulate emissions
  • Is treated with an additive that further improves efficiency and prevents fuel-related problems
  • Promotes better air quality
  • Supports American farms and farmers
  • Cleans your heating system and keeps it clean

With Automatic Delivery, Skaggs-Walsh calculates your oil usage and automatically schedule deliveries throughout the year. This way, you won’t have to worry about monitoring your tank, or running out of fuel during a winter storm or with a houseful of holiday guests. We do it all for you, using past fuel usage and weather patterns to design a delivery schedule especially for your family.

Contact us and get the benefits of B20 Bioheat fuel – automatically!